The Othala Bearded Axe

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Bearded axes were the weapon of choice for many Vikings and this pays an amazing tribute to them, not only functional, but a work of art.

The Handle is highly detailed and hand carved showcasing the Othala Rune in a JellingDragon encasing, carved fully by hand.

This steel axe is hand forged using traditional blacksmiths methods. It comes with a leather case to cover the blade and the handle is intricately carved by hand.

The cutting edge is forged and made of 52100 steel which has better cutting properties and better protects from rust. This is a fully functional Axe. 

This is made entirely by hand using traditional techniques. Each is unique and masterfully made.


Material of axe head: hardened steel 52100 (100Cr6)
Processing: forging, etching, wood carving.
Size of the axe head: 12*16,5 cm (~4,7*6 1/3 inches)
The length: 45cm.
Handle material: ash tree
Weight: 1000-1500g.
Blade Case: Leather 
Dispatch time: 1 to 4 working days

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