We're still going and bracing to weather the storm!


Thank you everyone for continuing to support SkullVikings through this crisis. We hope you all are safe and you'll be on the other side of this with us, stronger and wiser for it. As a small company recently launched, we're not eligible for most of the support offered so really, by shopping with us still, you're helping us survive and we really appreciate each of you for it. Under the current situation, we are open at very reduced hours and we appreciate your understanding that the 1 staff member still doing now everything by himself is primarily having time occupied first with sending orders out on Monday, Wedesday and Friday opening hours with all other time focused on the very long, lengthy, detailed application for CBILS we need to get through ASAP so we're stretched thin; replies to e-mails may take 1 to 2 weeks as a result, but we are still shipping 3 times a week using Royal Mail as usual.

We're still going, but please note that Royal Mail is operating on reduced hours, experiencing Christmas-like demand for deliveries due to online orders and operating with less than half the staff they usually do so you may experience longer delivery times than usual. Please consider upgrading your delivery method to include tracking in these manic times.

For safety and many other reasons, we will now be shipping orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week.   

With us being cut off from our international suppliers, stock will dwindle so if you love something, we suggest not waiting and getting it now. We don't know when supply chains will open up again or if we'll still be here when they do, bleak but true.

Please note that our made to order Clothing has ceased for the time being in accordance to government closure guidance during the outbreak. Please be aware that made to order jewelry may take longer to be made and delivered due to supply chain interruptions. You can continue to place orders for such items as usual, but manufacturing and shipping times may vary from the ones listed for normal shipping periods.

In an effort to weather the storm for as long as possible and for her to be shielded, Andreea, the main point of contact who does all the shipping, customer service, social media managing and pretty much all else has been furloughed at the start of March so I do apologise it's taken me a little bit of time to take upon myself all that she does. I, Steve, will be taking on all those responsibilities during this period and will be packaging, posting and answering all your enquiries until things can return to normal.


Stay safe and thank you for shopping with us!