Algiz Protection Rune Brown Leather Bracelet

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This is a hand-made charm bracelet with chord, beads and brown real leather. It has wooden and metal beads including a cross charm.

It fastens by tying the chord.

 Algiz (also called Elhaz) is a powerful rune, because it represents the divine might of the universe. The white elk was a symbol to the Norse of divine blessing and protection to those it graced with sight of itself.

Algiz is the rune of higher vibrations, the divine plan and higher spiritual awareness. The energy of Algiz is what makes something feel sacred as opposed to mundane. It represents the worlds of Asgard (gods of the Aesir), Ljusalfheim (The Light Elves) and Vanaheim (gods of the Vanir), all connecting and sharing energies with our world, Midgard.



Leather width: 1.2cm

Bracelet length 17cm