Baltic Amber Bracelet

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The word amber is derived from Old Norse brísingr, a poetic term for "fire" or "amber" mentioned in the anonymous versified word-lists (þulur) appended to many manuscripts of the Prose Edda, making Brísingamen "gleaming torc", "sunny torc", or the like. 

Amber was a valuable commodity that was used by Vikings to be carved into amulets, various pieces of jewellery, beads and spindle whorls.

Amber was collected from the Baltic sea and traded by Vikings all over Europe.

This bracelet is made of genuine 30+ million year old Baltic amber pieces which have been lightly polished maintaining a rougher and more natural surface texture. We chose this bracelet personally on our trading trip to the Baltic Sea.

The pieces hang on an elasticated cord so it is easily put on and taken off of your wrist. Suitable for most female wrists.

You'll receive the exact bracelet pictured. 

Materials: Baltic Amber, elasticated cord
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