Bone Comb

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This comb is hand carved and given an aged look through special methods. It is inspired by several finds of viking era bone combs one of which was found in the river Scheldt and dates back from the Carolingian period (750-900). That particular one can now be found in the archaeological museum 'Van Bogaert-Wauters' in Belgium.

"In the Norse mythological sources, horses play important roles as transcendent animals, transcending reality, mortality and different worlds, and these uses of horses are sometimes echoed in the Íslendingasǫgur." (source: fascinating read very in depth on the subject of thse wonderful creatures within Norse mythology, have a look!)

Bone Combs have frequently been found in Viking burial grounds. Both men and women possessed them reflecting the importance of hair in Viking culture. 

Hand carved from real ox horn and aged for an antique look, this comb is suitable for mighty beards and full locks of hair as well.

Height 8.7 cm
Length 10.4 cm
Width 1 cm at thickest point
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days