Axes & Vegvisir Wallet

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This is a genuine hand made leather wallet available in black or brown depicting the Vegvisir atop a shield backed by two bearded axes on the front. 
The wallet is hand made from genuine leather and combines a soft leather feel with a smooth leather as the dark part of the design.
It can hold 6 cards and has one paper note pocket. Cannot contain coins, for that please refer to a change pouch. 
The Vegvisir (Icelandic Vegvísir, “That Which Shows the Way;” pronounced “VEGG-vee-seer”) is a symbol found only in one modern Icelandic collection of spells, the so-called Huld manuscript. That book has nothing more than this one sentence to say about it: “If this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known.”
Material: Brown Leather
Length: 12 cm
width 9.4 cm