Dark Leather Cuff with Tree of Life (Yggdrasill)

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Yggdrasill, or the tree of life is an immense tree that is in the centre of Azgard that stretches throughout the nine worlds and extends into the heavens. The are three roots of Yggdrasill, the first in Azgard, the second in Jotunheim (the land of the giants) and the third in Niflheim. The thrid root is close to the dragon Nidhug.

The tree of life represents connection, a link throughout the nine worlds, branches extending to the gods and continuity through time, connecting you to your ancestors.

This dark grey leather cuff has the tree of life embossed onto the leather, surrounded by knotwork. The shade of grey can differ from image as each is handmade and individualy dyed.

It fastens with one of two metal poppers.


Length: 23cm
Width: 3cm
Fits most wrists