Ægishjàlmur (Helm of Awe) Leather Bracers

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Handmade from fine leather, these arm bracers are skillfully crafted and embossed with a design featuring the Ægishjàlmur symbol surrounded by runes and a knotwork design.

A thick, long strip of leather is thread through the bracer for you to tighten this firmly to your arm. 

Helm of awe, also called Ægishjàlmur, is traditionally painted on the forehead to induce fear into the enemy and brings the wearer invincibility in battle

The Eldar Futhark runes are a set of 24 characters that were predominantly used between 100 and 800 AD, by the Norse Viking as well as other Germanic people. Runes were carved into various materials including stone, bone, wood and metal.

The Elder Futhark runes are split into three aettir. Each is a subset of the runes that is associated with a different god.

Material: Real Leather
Thickness 4mm (approx)
Length: 5'' (13 cm)
Width: on the top 7'' (18 cm)
Width: on the botton 6'' 1/4 (16 cm)
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days