Oseberg Dragon Hair and Beard Bead

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Solid metal hair bead with an Oseberg Dragon design suitable for beards or any other body hair that's long enough. Be creative!

The main diagnostic features of this style are the so-called “gripping beast” motif and the use of sinuous animals. Both these features can be seen on the gilt-bronze bridle-mounts found in a man’s grave at Broa. 

Some of the earliest examples of this style are to be found on objects from the Oseberg ship burial.

The “gripping beast” motif is what clearly distinguishes the early Viking art from the zoomorphic styles that preceded it. It was obviously a style that appealed to the Vikings, for it remained an important motif in Viking art for over a hundred and fifty years.

Material: silver Plated Bronze
Height: 17mm
Outer Diameter: 15mm
Hair Hole: 5mm
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days
Sold Individually