Pair of Large Jelling Oval Brooches

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Viking Oval Brooch Morberg in Jelling Style

This replica was modeled on an original 10th c. piece found in Morberg, southern Norway. It is cast in bronze that has been silver plated and was thoroughly polished.

This oval brooch exhibits the typical features of the Viking Age - Jelling style. Oval brooches or fibulae, also called Tortoise brooches, belonged to the Viking women's attire and were worn in pairs to fasten the shoulder straps of their apron or overdress.

The back of the brooch is equipped with a sturdy pin for proper fastening to your garment.

The Jelling style (or Jellinge style)
... one of the six known Norse art styles, prevailed from the beginning of the 10th century up to ca. 975. This particular Viking Age style is characterized by the recurrence of human and animal representations, plant motifs (tendrils and leaves) and geometric figures. While the preceding Oseberg and Borre styles featured animals of rather squat, stocky build, the Jellinge animals are depicted with particularly slender, elongated, ribbon-shaped bodies.

Sold in pairs. You'll receive 2 brooches per purchase
Material: Solid Bronze
Length: 8.4 cm
Width: 5.3 cm
Height: 1.8 cm
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days