Ravens and Fenrir with Knit Chain

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This is a knitted chunky chain with pewter a pendant and pewter ravens.

In Norse mythology, Fenrir or Fenrisulfr is a giant wolf. It is the son of Loki and the giantess Angrboða. Fenrir was tied up by the gods, but was destined to grow too big for his bonds and eats Odin during Ragnarök. After killing Odin, he is killed by Odin's son, Viðarr.

The raven is a common iconic figure in Norse mythology. The highest god Odin had two ravens named Huginn and Muninn ("thought" and "memory" respectively) who flew around the world bringing back tidings to their master. Therefore, one of Odin's many names was the "ravengod" (Hrafnaguð).

The chain does not come undone. The chain goes over your head to get around your neck. It is made from zinc alloy and the pendant is made out of pewter.

Pendant Width: 4cm
Pendant Height: 4.5cm
Chain Width: 4mm
Chain Length: 58cm
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