Stainless Steel Mammen Axe Rope Steel Chain

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This is a rope style stainless steel chain holding a stainless steel Mammen Axe pendant.

The Mammen Axe, one of the best-known and best-decorated examples of the small Viking throwing axe, is a perfect example of the Viking's blend of art and war. Excavated from a famous 10th century barrow near Mammen Denmark, the original is decorated with silver inlaid engraving in a typical Celtic manner

On one side a tree motif can be seen. It may symbolise the Christian Tree of Life or the pagan tree Yggdrasil. On the other side is an animal figure – perhaps the rooster Gullinkambi (Old Norse “golden comb”) or the Phoenix. According to Norse mythology Gullinkambi sits on top of the tree Yggdrasil. Here it wakes the Viking warriors every morning and it will crow at the beginning of Ragnarok (the end of the world). The Phoenix is a Christian mythological animal and a symbol of re-birth.

This pendant is a reproduction of the Mammen Axe and its design.

Pendant Width: 4 cm
Pendant Height: 4.6 cm
Chain Width: 2.9 mm
Chain Length: 59 cm (approx)
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