The Battle of Sigurd and Fafnir carved drinking horn

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Carved in its entirety, this is a horn fading from white to black representing the battle of Sigurd and the dragon Fafnir.

Fafnir was eventually killed by Siegfried (also known as Sigurd), the great hero of the Volsunga Saga using the re-forged sword that belonged to his father. fafnir is one of the 3 dragons primarily represented in Norse Mythology and he symbolizes greed. He began life as a human but was cursed and transformed into a dragon due to his greed and lust for gold.

The tip of the horn has been carved to represent a wolf, another important symbol in Norse mythology.

You'll receive the horn in the images. Each carved horn is unique and is individually photographed. You won't receive a similar horn carved in the same way, you'll be receiving the one you see in the images.

The metal stand is included. The horn and stand are only intended for display only.


This horn holds 350ml (mark AB)

Care instructions:
Not suitable for dishwasher (To clean please use a sponge and dish soap)
Not suitable for sugary fizzy (coke, fanta, sprite etc.), spirits or hot drinks (heat can reshape the horn)
Suitable for mead, wine, beer, cider

Ethically sourced

Horns are by-products of the meat industry. Our horns are salvaged from this so instead of going to waste, they are cleaned, reconditioned and turned into a beautiful vessel to start a new life. They're hand crafted of natural materials (ox or cow horn) so are likely to present some marks from the previous life or crafting process. None have a perfectly smooth finish by the very nature of the items which adds to their rustic charm. Each is handmade, beautiful and unique. All our horns are cleaned, sculpted and polished by our craftsman to a beautiful finish and are safe to drink from.  

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