Thor Carved Wood Statue (runes)

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Carved from Linden Wood, this statue represents the god Thor, protector of mankind. 

Thor (Old English Đunor, Old High German Donar, Proto-Germanic *Þunraz, “Thunder”) is the son of the Allfather, Odin  and is one of the most prominent figures in Norse mythology. Known to be the protector of Midgard, the defender of the Aesir gods and their fortress, Asgard; Thor, the brawny thunder god, is the archetype of a loyal and honorable warrior, the ideal toward which the average human warrior aspired.

His most famous possession, which is depicted in this carving, is his hammer, Mjöllnir (“Lightning”). For the heathen Scandinavians, just as thunder was the embodiment of Thor, lightning was the embodiment of his hammer slaying giants as he rode across the sky in his goat-drawn chariot. 

He is destined to battle Jormungand (the enormous sea serpent who encircles Midgard) during Ragnarok, when the two will put an end to each other. The serpent is depicted on the back of the statue.

This statue is entirely hand carved from Linden wood using traditional techniques and tools therefore each statue is unique and may present slight design variations. Thor's name is carved at the front of the statue using runes but the Latin alphabet version is also available separately.

Height: 23 cm
Material: Linden Wood
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days
Sold individually
Candles not included. They are props only.