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Love mead? Of course you do, this honey drink is one of the oldest known alcoholic concoctions in the world and the stuff that is said to have pleased even the gods! Then you know it's the perfect gift to yourself or someone else you have to get a gift for. 

This Traditional Mead is smooth and sweet with a deep, lingering honey flavour that's perfect for any occasion, be it celebrating that it's Wednesday or a gathering. 

Mead was a very popular drink in Viking times, deeply integrated into their religious and cultural life. According to Viking legend, mead originated when two warring factions of gods signed a peace treaty and spit into a bowl to seal the agreement. (this mead is god spit free though). From the bowl was born Kvasir, the wisest of all men. Kvasir met his death at the hands of a pair of dwarves, who collected his blood, also known as the "Mead of Poetry". The mead passed from the dwarves to a giant. When Odin, the Norse god, learned that a giant held the mead, he ventured down to the giant’s lair, seduced his wife, and obtained the mead by transforming into an eagle and swallowing it. Norse legend also states that when warriors arrive at Valhalla in the afterlife, they are rewarded with a draught of mead served by beautiful maidens. Our modern term “honeymoon” refers to the Nordic practice of giving newlywed couples 28 days’ worth (literally one lunar cycle) of mead. We could go on and on about mead all day, usually over a bottle of mead...


1 x Ginger Mead bottle (350ml)

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  • Yorkshire honey
  • Mineral water
  • Yeast