Valknut and Rune Ring

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The Eldar Futhark runes are a set of 24 characters that were predominantly used between 100 and 800 AD, by the Norse Viking as well as other Germanic people. Runes were carved into various materials including stone, bone, wood and metal.

The Valknut is a mysterious symbol consisting of three interlocked triangles, and is thought to be strongly tied to Odin. The name comes from Old Norse for "Knot" and "Slain Warrior", loosely meaning the "knot of those fallen in battle". It is thought that the Valknut was displayed at the burial sights of those who dies in battle as a sign that they were to be taken to Valhalla.

This ring has a Valknut on the centre and has runes that decrease in size as the go around the band away from the Valknut.


Open ended ring, adjustable size to fit most (not suitable for very small fingers!)