Veles Paw Wolf Steel Chain

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This is a heavy stainless steel chain with wolf head ends holding the loop of the zinc alloy Veles Paw pendant.

Veles or Volos is the Slavic god of fields, pastures, forests or crops, cattle, and animals. His animal form is a bear. His alternative name is the Lord of the Forest and he is credited with a wide range of characteristics.

Slavic people believed that this god is often shown in a form of a bear, even though Veles is capable of transforming into other animals too.

The chain loop is cleverly designed to open easily when needed but secure so as to not open by mistake when on. The chain is a box chain made out of stainless steel, the wolf heads are all made of zinc alloy.

Pendant Width: 3.3cm
Pendant Height: 5cm
Chain Width: 5mm
Chain Length: 60cm (approx)
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