Nidhogg Faux Stretcher Earring

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There are three dragons primarily represented in Norse mythology, Nidhogg (or Nidhoggr), Jormungand (or Jormungandr), and Fafnir. Nidhogg, according to the Voluspa, is a dragon that lives under the roots of Yggdrasil (the world tree that connects the nine worlds of Norse mythology) and eats the corpses of the dead. Nidhogg remains relatively harmless (or at least stationary) until Ragnarok begins, at which point he will burst forth from beneath Yggdrasil bearing all the corpses of the dead upon his wings, and bring them to join the final battle.

The Nidhogg earring allows you to achieve the look without all the ear stretching effort.  It is worn as a standard earring but gives the appearance of a stretched piercing when in place. 

Height: 33 mm
Width: 13 mm
Depth 31 mm
Weight 9 g (approximately)
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days


Designed and hand made in England in fine English Pewter with surgical steel ear post (Lead, cadmium and nickel compliant)

Sold individually