Horn Product Care & Warranty

Horn Product Care

SkullVikings horn products have been designed to be used and appreciated, as well as to look beautiful. Remember the materials we work with are a natural, organic substance that has been living and growing for many years so it’s normal for them to have some knocks and marks from the lifetime of the animal as well as the crafting process, all of which makes each item unique. By following a few simple guidelines you can keep your pieces looking as shimmering and glossy as the day you bought them – handled with the correct care these objects can last and be enjoyed for a lifetime.



* Wash before first use and always rinse immediately after using it
*Remove food or liquid residue soon after serving
only Hand wash items
*Only use tepid water
*Use a very mild soap
*Rub gently with a soft cloth
*Towel dry immediately after washing



*Never leave items soaking in water
*Do not use hot or boiling water
*Never place items in a microwave or dishwasher
*Avoid chemicals, strong detergents, abrasive cleaning materials or scrubbers
*Do not let horn-ware come in contact with sharp utensils or strong bristles


Additional Care

From time to time your hornware will benefit from a little extra care. Using a soft cloth sprinkled with a little vegetable oil wipe over the item in the direction of the grain. Buff using a soft lint-free cloth – this will restore the lustre and preserve the natural beauty of the horn. Drinking horns, tankards or cups are not suitable for drinking spirits out of.



Do not display horn items in direct sunlight, under bright lights, near heat, air-conditioning units, or near windows and exterior walls. This will protect the bone from yellowing, the horn from fading and help avoid any cracking or movement. Horn is naturally grainy and has the ability to swell if exposed to too much moisture. It is wise to keep items in an environment that is dry and will not have extreme temperature changes.


Causes of Damage

*Contact with the natural oils of skin or exposure to coloured materials can result in the staining or darkening of bone

*Over time, exposure to the environment can also produce some darkening in bone, which can be considered a patina

*Extended exposure to light can discolour bone

*Insects can damage horn

*Extreme or rapid fluctuations in temperature (hot or cold) and humidity cause small changes in dimensions of horn, bone, and antler, which can lead to cracking especially between bone and resin/wood.

*Liquids such as strong cleaning solutions or even soaking in water can also cause damage

*Leaving food for extended periods may result in discoloration – especially highly acidic or salty foods such as salad dressings, vinegars, tomatoes or other fruits. This can also be caused by strong spirits such as rum and whiskey.

 Most importantly, please use your hornware!

After all, horn products have been an integral part of daily life for centuries and with a little proper care, they can last for years.

 All of our products are dispatched with care instructions, however should you require further information on how to care for your piece, please contact us at info@skullvikings.com


If your item develops a fault within 60 days of purchase please contact us.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or not following the product care instructions listed above.