About Us

Skull Vikings is a family business started by my wife and I. We have always been fascinated with the history of Viking culture and their traditions, identifying with many of their values and beliefs. When we got married in 2017, we wanted to bring a bit of the modern Viking culture in our day and we had an outdoor hand-fasting ceremony, during which we hand our hands bonded by rope, I presented the wedding ring on the tip of my sword and we drank mead before our family and friends before jumping over our axe and sword to start our life together. After which we moved onto a celebration with a Viking feast with more mead, meat and ale than even we could finish.

Some of the items we wanted were really hard to find or exorbitantly expensive and some we couldn't find at all so decided that the UK needed a great place for the modern Heathen to get a variety of items to emblazon some Viking symbolism, to keep the Old Gods close or honour Viking culture.

In the Autumn of 2017 we launched Skull Vikings to the UK. Andreea is the creative side of SkullVikings, the photographer, the designer of most of our unique clothing items, sculptor of the horns, packaging master (yes, we hand fold, write and personalise everything that comes to you ourselves) and social media guru with over 10 years of experience in the wedding Photography industry.All of our stock is in the UK and we photograph it in house.

Steve is the brains and brawn of the operation so he’s responsible for most... of everything really that needs more thought… and Jay is our modern day little dragon, the protector of the hoard.

Together, we take care of all of you, helping you with any queries or issues you might have and together we research and look for new craftsmen, designs and opportunities to grow the collection with items that faithfully reproduce archaeological Viking Age finds or bridge the gap between the modern and the old ways for our SkullVikings.

We are new, but with your help, we aim to bring Heathenry Back on Northern Shores. As we grow with your support, we aim to produce our own range of books, unique designed items of clothing and jewelry and much more collaborating with experts in their respective fields. Much like Vikings testing the boundaries and exploring new worlds, we want to see how far we can go with your support to keep the culture and old ways alive in the modern day. We are already looking into and talking with craftsmen from all over the UK so we have an exciting year coming up celebrating Viking culture and the modern Viking with unique products for our Horde. We want to make sure our SkullVikings have an amazing experience every time! If you want to get involved, you’re looking for anything specific, have any recommendations/feedback or need help with your order, we’d love to hear from you!

Our goal is to become THE place for UK Vikings to find everything they need in a combination of modern day interpretation of Viking inspired products as well as high-end reproductions with the help of local craftsmen and supported by experts in Norse history and mythology.    

Have a look around and we hope you find something that you can proudly wear to bring out your Viking side and grow the SkullVikings Horde!


Steve, Andreea & Jay