The Skull Vikings World Tour: First Hoard

We started out a few months ago with the plan to be THE place for the UK to find all things Viking, celebrating their culture and Norse Mythology.
To truly do that though, we need to honour their way of life; one of exploring and trading with people from all over the globe. We want to celebrate how they've touched and shaped culture in so many locations all over the map whilst bringing you items that can't be easily found in the UK.

This is the start of the SkullVikings wold tour.

Here is The Hoard!

We brought it back from our recent trip abroad to Kiev on our first stop to find local gifted craftsmen. A small selection of items and collections we'll be releasing later in the year, however it is only a preview of greater things to come.
Many of the items we brought back only 1 of.
Get yours now before it's gone!