Ansuz Asgard Pewter Rune Ring

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The Eldar Futhark runes are a set of 24 characters that were predominantly used between 100 and 800 AD, by the Norse Viking as well as other Germanic people. Runes were carved into various materials including stone, bone, wood and metal.

The Elder Futhark runes are split into three aettir. Each is a subset of the runes that is associated with a different god.

Ansuz is the symbolic expression of the life force, the breath of the world. This rune is associated with the most powerful Norse god Odin – the god of wisdom and sky, the father of other gods, the king of Aesir clan of gods. Through this rune the divine wisdom and power flows to the human world. As a rune of Odin it symbolises communication, authority, creativity and arts – the expression of higher energies. It’s a rune of shamans and magicians who act in accordance with the spiritual reality.

This open ended, adjustable ring is made out of solid Pewter, hand cast in Scotland and presents the rune at the front surrounded by two dragons.

Size: UK sizes Q to Z (adjustable)
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This ring is adjustable, but bending it repeatedly can weaken the metal. It is recommended to only bend it one time to adjust the fit to the finger you've chosen and not to bend it again to suit another finger as repeated strain will weaken the metal.

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