Ansuz Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir) Rune Hair Bead

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This hair or beard bead is cast into the shape of Mjolnir, the legendary hammer of Thor. It has a crossed design on the handle of the hammer, and a rune on the head.
The rune is one of the Elder Futhark runes, specifically, this rune is called Ansuz. Ansuz – “Anne – suhz” – Literally: “Woden” – Esoteric: “Breath” or “Ancestral Sovereign God”. 
Ansuz is another complex rune, and its energies and manifestations are very predominant in our time. The common interpretation is that this rune signifies “a god”, that is, one of the Aesir, particularly Odin. It refers to a personal ancestry that traces back to the old gods, and therefor our divine inheritance. It is also linked to the mouth, breath and speech, persuasion and inspiration.


Height: 21mm
Width: 15mm
Hair Hole: 6mm
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days


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