Berkhana Rune Hair Bead

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This bead is made out of solid Bronze, hand cast in Scotland using the lost wax method and hand finished in England. It features the Berkhana rune repeated 3 times, each of which sit atop a stone design.

The Elder Futhark berkhana runes are split into three aettir. Each is a subset of the runes that is associated with a different god.

The Berkana rune represents various goddesses simultaneously, including Freya, Frigg, Hel, Nerthus, Holda and Berchta. It means "birch" and corresponds in the Latin alphabet to the letter B. Berkana is a rune of new beginnings. It indicates good news, birth, fertility and times of family rejoicing, such as weddings.

Berkano has the energy of a birch grove, and is an hidden sanctuary in times of need. 

Height: 16mm
Width: 11mm
Hair Hole: 6mm
Weight: 3.5-4.2g approx
Sold Individually
Dispatch time 1 to 2 working days

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