Berserker (Bear Head) Arm Ring

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During the Viking Age, two groups of “warrior-shamans” were known. One of these groups were the berserkers (Old Norse berserkir, “bear-shirts”).

The totem animal of the berserkers was, as the name implies, the bear. The berserkers were a special group of very skilled and dangerous warriors associated with the god Odin. They were at the front of the battlefield fighting with a trance-like-fury and were a force to be reckoned with, laughing in the face of danger, subject to fits of frenzy during battle. They were said to howl like beasts, foaming at the mouth and gnawing the iron rims of their shields and they were believed to be immune to steel and fire The Svarfdæla saga tells of a challenge to single-combat that was postponed by a berserker until three days after Yule. The bear-warrior symbolism survives to this day in the form of the bearskin caps worn by the guards of the Danish monarchs

Their characteristics later gave rise to the English term “berserk” or phrase “to go berserk”.

Draw your power from the mighty Bear with this Berserker arm ring.

The hand made solid and weighty Viking arm ring has the Bear represented by two heads at each end, connected by a knotwork highly detailed band. 

The Sterling Silver option is made to order especially for you once ordered using traditional methods.

Size: Fits wrists 15-21cm
Dispatch time estimate  1-2 working days (pewter) and 1-2 working days (silver)
Adjustable: must only be resized once. Instructions provided