Blue Viking Dress

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This floor-length medieval dress made of sturdy cotton fabric (canvas) is loosely tailored and comes with a matching cloth belt. Colour contrasting details with hand-sewn herringbone embroidery stitches make the dress really stand out from the crowd. the main colour is a grey-ish blue with bands of a dark  blue. 
The split neckline can be worn open or closed with a fibula or brooch. Center and side gores (wedge-shaped pieces of fabric) inserted into the rectangular front and back panels give the skirt an adequate flare. The underarms are fitted with gussets (square pieces of fabric). The strong canvas fabric makes for a sturdy, heavy dress which is thus best suited for the spring or autumn season.

The cut of this dress is based on archaeological finds dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries. The female garb of the time was characterized by long dresses with patterns mainly consisting of rectangular and triangular pieces of fabric sewn together in order to waste as little material as possible.
Such garment patterns are clearly recognizable on textile and clothing fragments found in SkjoldehamnBirka and Hedeby. The dress is therefore ideal for an authentic portrayal of a Viking woman.
Hand wash only
Do not mix with coloured or light items when washing
30° wash only
Delivery estimate 1 - 2 working days
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