Brown Yggdrasil Leather Bracers/Arm Guards

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Handmade from fine vegetable tan brown leather, these large arm guards/bracers are skillfully crafted and embossed with a design featuring the Tree of Life, Huginn and Munnin and the Triskelion surrounded by knotwork designs.

Two belts and buckles on each one securely fasten them for the perfect fit.

Yggdrasill, or the tree of life is an immense tree that is in the centre of Azgard that stretches throughout the nine worlds and extends into the heavens. The are three roots of Yggdrasil, the first in Azgard, the second in Jotunheim (the land of the giants) and the third in Niflheim.

Comes as a pair.

Material: Real Leather
Thickness: 4mm
Length 6'' 1/4 (16 cm)
Width on the top 7" (18 cm)
Width on the bottom 6'' 1/4 (16 cm)