Deluxe War Horn (Blowing Horn)

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Sound the horns of war! 

Like a Jarl calling his army to battle with this stunning speckled blowing horn with an amazing range of colours!

Our new range of blowing horns are bigger, thicker, louder and come with a deluxe hand carved adjustable strap in thick black and red leather with amazing knotwork details on the strap.

Length approximately 38cm

Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days

Care instructions:
Not suitable for dishwasher (To clean please use a sponge and dish soap)

Ethically sourced

Horns are by-products of the meat industry. Our horns are salvaged from this so instead of going to waste, they are cleaned, reconditioned and turned into a beautiful vessel to start a new life. They're hand crafted of natural materials (ox or cow horn) so are likely to present some marks from the previous life or crafting process. None have a perfectly smooth finish by the very nature of the items which adds to their rustic charm. Each is handmade, beautiful and unique. All our horns are cleaned, sculpted and polished by our craftsman to a beautiful finish and are safe to drink from.