Dragon Knotwork Arm Ring

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The Viking Dragon Knotwork bracelet is a stunning piece of jewelry inspired by viking artwork and the powerful mythology of the Norse people. This bracelet is made from heavy, solid pewter and features dragon head terminals on each end. The band between these terminals is adorned with an intricate knotwork design, inspired by the intricate carvings and patterns found on viking artifacts. The bracelet is both heavy and solid, yet flexible enough to be adjustable for a comfortable fit.

In Norse mythology, dragons were powerful and fearsome creatures, often associated with destruction and chaos. However, they were also revered for their strength and cunning, and were sometimes depicted as guardians or protectors. The dragon heads on this bracelet serve as a reminder of the might and mystery of these legendary beasts.

In viking culture, arm rings (or "bræklow") were often given as gifts and were a symbol of wealth and status. They were typically made of precious metals such as gold or silver, and were often intricately decorated with patterns and designs. Arm rings were also believed to have magical properties and were sometimes inscribed with runic symbols. The Viking Dragon Knotwork bracelet is a modern take on these ancient viking arm rings, combining traditional viking motifs with a stylish, contemporary design


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Fits wrists of 16-22cm

 This bracelet is adjustable and will fit wrists wrists between 16 to 22 cm, but bending it repeatedly can weaken the metal. It is recommended to only bend it one time to adjust the fit. Instructions on how to fit appropriately will be sent with the bracelet in the care guide. A video is also available to aid correct care of the arm rings.

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