Fenrir and Thor's Hammer Box Chain

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Mjolnir Pendant with Fenrir Bail, a striking and meaningful piece of jewelry inspired by Norse mythology. This pendant features the iconic hammer of Thor, Mjolnir, hanging from a box chain on a split ring bail that sits in the mouth of Fenrir, the monstrous wolf of Norse legend. The wolf's head is adorned with knotwork detail, adding an extra touch of viking-inspired flair.

Mjolnir, also known as Thor's hammer, was a powerful weapon in Norse mythology and was said to be able to level mountains. It was wielded by the god Thor, the protector of humanity and the god of thunder. Mjolnir was also thought to have the power to bring things back to life and to protect against evil.

Fenrir, also known as the "wolf of Ragnarok," was a monstrous wolf in Norse mythology that was prophesied to kill the god Odin during the final battle of the world, Ragnarok. 

The Mjolnir Pendant with Fenrir Bail is inspired by the Mammen Axe, a famous viking artifact that was discovered in Denmark in the late 19th century. The Mammen Axe is notable for its intricate carvings and patterns, which feature a mix of abstract and animal motifs.

Wear this pendant as a tribute to the powerful mythology of the Norse people, or give it as a gift to a friend or loved one who loves unique and meaningful jewelry.

This ensemble is made entirely of Stainless Steel making it a stylish and durable addition to your wardrobe. 

Hammer Width: 4 cm
Hammer Height: 3.5 cm
Fenrir Width. 1.6 cm
Fenrir Height: 3 cm
Chain Length: 60cm or 70 cm  (approximately)

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