Gungnir Face Covering / Mask

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This is a white and grey face mask with adjustable straps with a complex design centered around Gungnir. It also represents Odin's wolves, Geri and Freki and his ravens, Hugingg and Munnin.



Gungnir it the name of Odin's mighty spear. Scandinavian art often depicts Odin with a spear. Such depictions are found from Viking Age runestones all the way to Bronze age rock carvings of a spear god, who may well be Odin.

Same as the Hammer of Thor, Gungnir was forged by dwarves and Gungnir is no ordinary spear. Odin is said to have sacrificed himself to discover the runes by simultaneously stabbing himself with Gungnir and hanging himself. It’s fitting, therefore, that when the Norse sacrificed someone to Odin, whether a single individual or a large group of people, they typically did so by means of a spear, either by itself or in combination with hanging.

This handmade face covering / mask comes with 2 P2.5 filters and has rubber ends so you can adjust for comfortable fit around the ears and a wire nose clip so you can adjust for fit around the nose as well. The filters are 5 layer activated carbon and replaceable.

Suitable for cycling, running, traveling, shopping with, wondering about and general use but not for medical use.
Suitable for adults. These have to be washed by hand. They are not washing machine safe and cannot be dried in a tumble dryer. Doing so may cause colours to fade and shrinkage. Sizing is approximate due to being made by hand there may be small variations in sizing listed below. Face coverings / face masks are not eligible for returns or exchanges for hygiene reasons.
Width: 20cm (approx)
Height: 15cm (approx)
Pendant Material: Antler
Cord: adjustable length
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days
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