Huginn and Munnin Arm Ring

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Huginn and Muninn are the two ravens of Odin, representing thought and memory respectively. These ravens would fly all over Midgard in search of information to bring back to Odin. Odin's association with these two lead to him being referred to as the Raven God.

This hand made arm ring has raven heads at each end made in the Mammen art style, connected by a twisted band. The design is inspired by the Bamberg Casket dated to about 975AD which can now be found in the Bavaria National Museum in Munich, Germany. 

The Mammem Viking art style emerged from the Jelling style and was prominent in the last half of the 10th century. Almost naturalistic lions and birds are featured as well as serpents and foliate patterns. The name comes from a small ax head from a grave site in Mammem, Denmark. The ax head was carved, then inlay-ed with silver. On one side of the axe head is a foliage pattern and on the other is a stylized, ribbon-like bird with tendrils on wings and tail.Also available in Sterling Silver or Bronze. Please enquire if you are interested in one of these. Tin alloy  (similar to pewter) suitable for occasional wear, silver and bronze suitable for constant wear.

It is intended to be worn slightly loose.

Thickness: 9 mm
Material: Tin allow, silver plated
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days