Huginn & Munnin Viking Shield with Rawhide Edge

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Viking Round Shield "Huginn & Muninn" with Rawhide Edging, 80 cm Ø

The large, gorgeous Viking shield we offer here is made of approx. 13 mm thick plywood and elaborately adorned with two ravens. The twin bird motif is a representation of Odin’s faithful messengers Hugin and Munin (or Huginn and Muninn), a recurring theme in Viking art. In Norse mythology, the ravens fly over Asgard and Midgard and return every evening to the Allfather of the Gods (also referred to as Hrafnáss, the "raven god") to tell him everything they have seen and heard.

In its centre, the shield features a generously sized steel boss that is tightly held in place with four rivets, and leaves enough space to accommodate even stout Viking hands. The shield’s edge is clad with rawhide (parchment), and the back is fitted with three riveted reinforcement slats made of wood. The central slat also officiates as a handle and is leather-wrapped in its middle section for a comfortable grip.

Although this early medieval wooden shield may be slightly too thin for full contact, it is still a great accessory for re-enactment, LARP, stage or TV/film and will make your transformation into a proud Norse warrior just perfect. Besides, it also makes for a nice collectible or display piece for all Viking Age enthusiasts.

- Material: plywood, solid wood handle with leather wrap, leather (rawhide) edging, steel boss
- Painted with ravens and a triskelion
- Diameter: approx. 80 cm (31.5 in.)
- Thickness: approx. 13 mm
- Shield boss: overall Ø approx. 18 cm, bulge Ø approx. 13 cm, bulge height approx. 8 cm
- Weight: approx. 4.6 kg

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.