Mammen Viking Axe

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The axe, inherited from the Frank's wars with the Romans, remained an ever-present Viking weapon. It also demonstrated the Scandinavian genius for evolving specialized weaponry.

The smaller axes are sized to be carried thrust through a belt, to serve as a backup weapon and being one-handed, they were used in combination with a shield. The Mammen Axe, one of the best-known and best decorated examples of the small Viking throwing axe, is a perfect example of the Viking's blend of art and war.

Excavated from a famous 10th century barrow near Mammen, Denmark, the original is decorated with silver-inlaid engraving in the Jelling-style. It is now shown in the Danish Nationalmuseum in Copenhagen.

This recreation is a tribute to the creative as well as the martial side of this dynamic, influential culture.

Historically accurate
incised silver decoration
Total length incl. shaft: 44.5 cm
Blade length: approx. 10.2 cm
Weight: approx. 540 g
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