Valsgarde Jelling Dragon Asgard Hair and Beard Beads

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A Jelling Style Dragon design suitable for beards or any other body hair that's long enough. This bead is hand made in the UK from Pewter.

The Jelling style appears from the start of the 10th century and continues for about 75 years. Stylistic animals are S-shaped and intertwined, with profiled heads, spiral hips and pigtails. Borre and Jelling overlap and occasionally both are used on the same object.

There are three dragons primarily represented in Norse mythology, Nidhogg (or Nidhoggr), Jormungand (or Jormungandr), and Fafnir.  Of these dragons, only Fafnir does not have any clear connection to Ragnarok (for those who don’t know Ragnarok is the final battle/end of time/beginning of the new world that defines much of Norse mythology).

Height: 18 mm
Outer Diameter: 14 mm
Hair Hole: 8 mm
Weight: 8.4 g
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days
Sold Individually