Raven Ear-Wrap / Earring (Left Ear)

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The raven is a common iconic figure in Norse mythology. The highest god Odin had two ravens named Huginn and Muninn ("thought" and "memory" respectively) who flew around the world bringing back tidings to their master. Therefore, one of Odin's many names was the "raven god" (Hrafnaguð).

It is critical that the Ear-Wrap can be formed to fit the ear properly, as no two ears are alike in size or shape. This Raven ear-wrap is made of English Pewter which is perfect for gently bending into shape. Please note that this item may not be suitable for smaller than average sized ears, and repeated over-bending over time may cause the metal to fracture.

Height: 56 mm
Width: 39 mm
Depth 15 mm
Weight 13 g (approximately)
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days

Designed and hand made in England in fine English Pewter with surgical steel ear post (Lead, cadmium and nickel compliant)

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