Red/Blue Viking Tunic

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The look and cut of this tunic corresponds to the clothing of the early and high middle Ages in Northern Europe. Typical of the cut of this period are longer-cut upper garments with a straight cut body and flared lap (skirt).

Gussets (Rectangular pieces of fabric) were inserted under the arms to increase comfort. Archaeological finds with a similar cut, e.g. made in Viborg and Haithabu.

Our cotton tunic is made of sturdy canvas and decorated with an embroidered border. The border represents a knot pattern (also called Celtic knot) and is based on the border on the picture stone of Lärbro (Gotland). The elaborate design and the colour-contrasting details make it clear that it is a high class garment.

The tunic is perfect for all North men. For an authentic look, we recommend combining them with Viking trousers, calf wraps and leather belts. 

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Do not mix with coloured or light items when washing
30° wash only

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