Gjermundbu Spectical Viking Helmet with aventail

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This Gjermundbu Helmet comes with an aventail and made out of 2mm steel. It has a battle worn look to the finish making it perfect to complete your reenactment Viking look or collection.

The Gjermundbu-Helmet has been discovered in 1943 during excavations of a Viking buriel mound.It has been reconstructed expertly and is nowadays displayed in the Museum of National Antiquities (Oldsaksamlinga) in Oslo.The helmet is dated on the year 970 AD. It is a typical example of a Viking spectical helmet, which offers the carrier a good face protection while keeping a sufficient sight field.But the helm-form and the spangens also show relationship to the Nordic crested helmets.

By now there are several reproductions of the Gjermundbu-helmet on the market, but only few are this close to the original and offer such a good protection like this replica. The helmet bowl consists of two parts, is hammered out of 2mm strong steel and carefully welded. Four crossing, hand-forged steel straps (the spangens) are riveted to the helmet bowl to give extra strength.A spectacle, also made of 2mm strong steel, is riveted to the helmet as well.It is offering a good face protection and reaches far below the nose.The spectacle has been featured with the same chipping marks as the original.

The helmet has a chainmail aventail of round riveted rings (RRR), for there are remains of an aventail on the 1943 find as well.The hand-forged tip of the helmet is screwed and easy to demount, e.g. for a safer combat.It happened on purpose that the helmet has not been polished to high gloss. It has a patinated surface to emphasize its authenticity.A comfortable, adjustable and padded cloth liner is riveted into the helmet and it has leather chin straps with a brass buckle.
Secure the Viking Mask helmet by tightening the cowhide leather strap beneath the chin, keeping the helmet in place. 

It fits a head circumference of up to 63cm.

Material: 2 mm steel
Front to Back distance 22.5 cm approx
Eat to Ear distance 19 cm approx
Weight approx 2.6 kg
Dispatch time 1 to 2 working days