St. Ninnian's Hoard Asgard Dragon Brooch

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This brooch is hand made in Scotland, UK out of Pewter and is a reproduction of the one found in the St Ninians Isle Hoard from Scotland. The brooch was dated to be form the 8th century.

Highly detailed, this brooch presents two dragon heads with a colourful bead as the eye available in red, blue or green. It is fairly large so can be used as a cloak pin or to hold heavy fabric. Knotwork detailing adorns the pin hiding underneath, a third glass bead. Glass beads were frequently used in the most exclusive Viking jewelry creations as it was a rare material 1000 years ago making is highly desirable and expensive. 

Width: 71 mm
Pin Length: 115 mm
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days