Sterling silver The Horns of Odin (Triskele)

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The Horns of Odin (also referred to as the horn triskelion or the triple-horned triskele) is a symbol comprised three interlocking drinking horns.  The exact meaning of the symbol is not known, but it may allude to Odin's stealing of the Mead of Poetry. The horns’ names were Óðrœrir, Boðn, and Són.  The symbol has become especially significant in the modern Asatru faith. The Horns of Odin symbol is also meaningful to other adherents to the Old Ways, or those who strongly identify with the god Odin. 

The symbol appear on the 9th-century Snoldelev Stone (found in Denmark and seen to the right). While the shape of this symbol is reminiscent of the Triqueta and other Celtic symbols, it appears on the Larbro stone (in Gotland, Sweden) which may be as old as the early eighth century.  On this image stone, the Horns of Odin are depicted as the crest on Odin's shield.  Because of its association with the Mead of Poetry and Odin’s artistic aspects, it might also be worn to bring inspiration to writers and performers.

This pendant is made out of 925 Sterling silver. It is not mass produced, but individually made through traditional wax and smelting techniques.

All 925 Sterling Silver items over 7.78g arrive hallmarked as per UK trading regulations of precious metals.

Comes with black cord. Silver chains available to purchase separately.

Metal: 925 silver, sterling silver
Weight: approx. 7-8g
Size: 34 x 34 mm
Hole size: 6 mm
One-sided pendant
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days
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