Thor's Hammer and Black Ravens Wall Hanging

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This is a solid wall hanging made from Soar-wood and crafted using traditional carving techniques. It depicts the Skane Hammer and the two ravens belonging to the god Odin surrounded by the Midgard Serpent. The two ravens named Huginn and Muninn ("thought" and "memory" respectively) flew around the world bringing back tidings to their master.

Thor's Hammer, also known as Mjölnir is the legendary and fearsome weapon of Thor the Norse god of thunder and lightening, and the protector of mankind. The hammer was made by the Dwarven brothers Eitri and Brokkr.

Thor's Hammer amulets were worn by pagans who followed the Norse Gods and in particular, Thor because it was thought to have many powers. One of the most famous and instantly recognizable Hammers is the archaeological example from Skåne in Sweden. 

The original hammer was made of silver with filigree ornamentation and was found in an undocumented location in Skåne, Sweden. It belonged to a collection owned by the baron Claes Kurck, who donated it to the Historical Museum in Stockholm in 1895, where it is to this day. Although the location of the find is unknown, some sources says that the hammer was found in Kabbarp near Staffanstorp in Skåne, Sweden.



Length: 24 cm (approx)
Width: 27 cm (approx)
Depth: 5.5 cm (approx)
Weight: 740 g approx
Material: Soar Wood
Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days