Viking Shield with Steel Fittings

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This Viking round shield is made from hand made using wood and strong steel fittings. It is battle-ready round shield of a smaller size than usual. A typical, very elaborate knot design has been engraved by complex handcraft into a steel plate in the middle. Made to order traditionally.


Backside there’s riveted a padding covered with soft leather. Two leather straps are riveted as well, of which one is long and adjustable for wearing at the arm or at the back.

 This is entirely made by hand using traditional methods and natural materials. Minor marks/imperfections are to be expected as a result of using natural materials and being entirely hand made.

A very functional and decorative shield.


Material: Wood, steel, leather
Diameter: approx. 54.5 cm
Weight: approx. 3.7 kg

Dispatch time 1 to 3 working days