Vikings World Tour Ladies T-Shirt

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The Vikings were truly the lords of the sea. They traveled all over the world, fearlessly daring the seas and oceans. Celebrating an amazing history, this Ladies Vikings World Tour T-shirt features a Viking Longship design.

The Vikings had a dragon head on the bow of the ship to protect against the evil spirits of the sea. Without these great ships the Viking Age would never had happened. 

The steering oar was mounted on the rear right side. This combined with a rotating sail made raiding possible regardless of wind direction. 

The hull of the ships were made by overlapping planks and securing them with iron rivets. A wool string was dipped in tar and forced between the planks to prevent leaks. Oak trees were mostly used because their natural branching structure provided curves to create streamlined hulls. Sails were made from woven wool. Natural lanolin made the fabric water repellent. Rigging was made from horsehair or walrus hide. 

Our T-shirts are made to order, custom printed for you in the UK and ship separately to our jewelry and other products. They are normally dispatched in 3 to 7 working days.

Material: 100% ringspun semi-combed cotton.

  • Ribbed collar.
  • Taped neck.
  • Side seams.
  • Twin needle sleeves and hem.

Weight: 190 gsm.